Altering Old Bad Habit by getting HausHohlen in Austria

Fed up with your daily living? Seemly, you need new convenience in which you never get before. Find JochenSpecht project that is finished in 2014. Well, of course it is fresh project and not all people know it now. By the way, the location is in Dornbirn, Austria and the name is HausHohlen. This private residence has breathtaking challenging view. Jochen builds it on the fantastic sloping hill with high pines and lawn.

Envisioned you discover a modern house in the middle of remote area. Perhaps, it is like a dream or fantasy living in kid’s movie. However, it is real and you can occupy it right away. Sturdy white stucco exterior wall has two entryways with different height. One of them is for bike storage and another is completed with industrial black track. In the other hand, the wall props the second floor that full of glazed wall and black wood accent. Actually, it looks wacky because up to know I don’t find terrace or balcony.

Pleasurable social area has contrasting feature than the exterior décor. It is cozy and chic because of the oak wood interior wall. Seemly, the living area and dining space add mid-century furniture. It is visualized with railing rocking chair and antique dining chair. Meanwhile, the position of kitchen is behind the wide entryway aside cool open staircase. Here, the kitchen is near the stylish mudroom style. Natural wood furniture mixes with stainless steel appliance and countertop.

Superb small bedroom keep comfy with wood and stucco blend. Two-tone wall wraps the petty platform bed and mid-century side table. Aside simple bulb lamp, this room keeps completed with mini sloping window.  Further, bathroom looms near the living area in which the floor violin display is the direction. However, you will pass smart wall décor before reach your catchy bathroom. I think this architecture is extraordinary and you deserve to appreciate it.

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