Disclosing the Beautiful Side of Peru by House H

Maybe, you are rare to visit South America. Indeed, most people attract about USA or San Francisco. Try to visit Peru and don’t forget to stay in the capital city of Lima. What’s wrong there and will we discover new case? Okay, Jaime Ortiz de Zevallos answer it proudly. House H is going to revamp you just like at once in which it has superb greenery guard. Unique and stylish are the unexceed compliment, I think.

Yellow interior light always beautifies when the dusk come. It paints it between the nice white stucco roof and long cantilevered terrace. Cool garden décor wraps the warmth of the house with beauty. By the way, this room faces off the catchy green lawn with awesome outdoor swimming pool. Even, side garden decorate with stone walkway and admirable hedge wall. Backyard style forms U-shaped with dark hue path. Here, Jaime designs small garden in the middle space.

Certainly, you can enjoy all through the terrific floating track. Overall, the exterior feature has shown the fantastic concept. Contemporary hallway welcomes with modest artistic decoration. A statue stands on that dashing laminate floor exact in front of the excellent wooden door. Appealing living area applies traditional in new style. It is visualized with creamy sofas and the cushions. However, it has breathtaking view and fancy coffee table. Well, there are two staircases that sets parallel.

Between both interior tracks are really different. Floating staircase connects the ground floor with the upper level. Two tones treads combine the wall banister and dim stair lighting. Substantively, it has translucent stairwell. Further, the second staircase has black treads when we see it from underneath. Perhaps, you ask where we will find the staircase. Okay, go back to the hallway and see shabby chic gray wall. The staircase sets behind that wall.  Insert Peru as your trip and proof the real sense there. Definitely, it makes you stay longer.

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