Involving Nature Role for Room Style through Lasse House

Spandry Wiedemann shows his skill in Germany. He designs a Lasse House in Sternberg and finishes it in 2011. At this time, it has 700 square feet and the 65sqm is only for the social area. Okay, I will try to deliver what Munich designer do in this private home. Read more and enjoy your experience learning these images. Shabby chic front house blends modern and natural in different case. Barn wooden front door mixes the frameless sliding window.

They both welcome each person whom come it with wellness hospitality. Modest small porch just adds antique display and black square rug. Even, the paver floor around looks natural with little bit wildings. Wow, don’t too long in outdoor. It is better you admire the landscape from this nice interior wall. Refined grey accent paints this catchy hallway décor. Original shipping pallet wood floor blends to the soft white stucco wall. In this area, you will discover little bit aesthetic sense. That is visualized with frameless wall photo ideas.

By the way, you will also find mid-century view. Certainly, it comes from this tufted armchair and pretty tripod table. On the second floor, you have social area with cool balcony wraparound. Before this outdoor space, there is ample area with rustic long sideboard. Definitely, this place is suitable for your living area. Here, you get wonderful view beyond through the stylish glass door or large square window.  Festive kitchen style sets aside the staircase. Gold focal point brings this sense that blends with the countertop and stool.

Gold accent looms on the large brass wall niche. Further, classy pendant lights support it with the similar material. Next, go upstairs to the mesmerizing attic bedroom. This narrow space is pleasurable in which it has private bathroom. In addition, there is large sloping skylight with total daytime lighting. Don’t forget to watch the terrific night view in which that house is more attractive.

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