Spectacular Loft House by DA Architects mixing three Fantastic Materials

Russia has cool loft now that blends some concepts. DA Architects spotted it in Saint Petersburg. By the way, DA mixes three materials in which you are easy to discovering it. Awesome red container room stands in the social area. Here, it mixes the exquisite chevron laminate floor and grey stucco wall. Contemporary living space sets faces off the pantry cabinet of that container room. Superb glass coffee table mixes the stylish grey futon sofa. That sitting area still displays superiority.

It is visualized with dashing industrial lighting. These black white lamps adorn the rhomb stucco ceiling. Further, festive dining area looks behind with eccentric chandelier. When we see it detail, that is the group of bulb pendant lights in several style. Under that fixture is sleek glass wood dining table with black chair. Definitely, you have guessed where the kitchen is. It is not far from the dining space. Obvious, the kitchen applies dazzle stainless steel backsplash.

Now, continue your trip because we have reach on the next hallway. Thoughtful ceiling décor faces off the some white cream doors. Three doors insert in plain wood wall and it delivers you to outside. Meanwhile, the single door brings you to the sitting area. Black slate wall is part of the bathroom in master bedroom. Eccentric masculine master bedroom installs splendid frameless glass door. Luxury platform bed sets under the terrific white track lighting. The bed itself mixes the natural hardwood accent and striking black bedding sets.

Besides that, this furniture is still adorned with white pebble stone. Inside of the bathroom is dashing with floor-to-ceiling shipping pallet wood wall. Actually, the real wood in this room is on the remarkable vanity top and wall storage. In the other hand, black and white appliances perfect this spa like bathroom. Certainly, this house becomes the most right suggestion when you go to Russia.

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