Stunning Apartment in Lithuania Blending Mid-century and Industrial

Maybe, you don’t insert Lithuania as your lift trip this year. Even though, you will consider to putting it in the upper list. Last year, DO architects finish an apartment in Arkliu’s Street, Vilnius. 807 square feet is the right area that DO need. Here are all sorts of images that will be your instruction to dig the information as much as possible. We go to the social area directly. Scandinavian style living room is with brown wooden ceiling and floor.

Pure white wall decorates with double windows. Besides that, there is cool modular wall storage opposite to the round coffee and the grey sofa. Further, this interior wall adds catchy accent chairs and animal pattern skin rug. Besides that, there are still great industrial pendant lights. Stylish open kitchen with dining space also has the similar lighting. Dining space sets minimalist with large black wooden table and old style brown chairs. Aside of this space, I see two entryways in which they both for master bedroom and bathroom.

Nordic style bedroom always uses brown and white mixing. Wellness white wall and comfy platform bed blends the wood focal point. It is visualized with eccentric home office, sideboard, and wood plank floor. That home office designs with long wooden desk under the crisp windows. Here, it mixes the two styles chairs. Further, enchanting sideboard sets in front of the bed. Brown accent still looms on the table lamp and sconce. Indeed, aside this room is bathroom and the door looks from the dining space.

Nevertheless, you have smart door in your bedroom.  Crisp white doors install aside the modern built in closet. This small bathroom is minimalist in which has long vanity cabinet with sliding door. Afterward, open shower tub and some accessories festive this room. Yeah, simple living nestled in Lithuania is cozy and involving industrial features.

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