Taking Felipe Master Piece of Private House in Sao Paulo with Striking Design

The name is quite difficult to be said. Yet, Felipe Rodrigues Arquiteto only nurtures his culture. Indeed, the name takes from the native language of Brazil. Barao de Pirapitingui is the private home in Sao Paulo. In fact, difficult name is proportional to the stunning interior design. This home design needs 300sqm or 3,299 square feet. Surely, the nuance is according to your desire. Moreover, the room is design with fresh focal point and artistic sense.

Firstly, I ask you to pass this cool hallway. Here, gothic engraving wall mirror mixes the catchy yellow floating shelf of floating console table. By the way, it adorns the plain shipping pallet wood wall and faces off the glass. After pass it, I present adorable living area. Under the shiny white exposed beam ceiling, it is festive and pleasant. In the other hand, it is the place you find artistic sense and also yellow accent. Similar wood wall still looms in this place and Felipe decorate it with astonishing adornment.

Behind the wall is kitchen and it has no relationship with the hallway. Kitchen is dominant with neutral white and grey. Indeed, the furniture is stylish and charming wall unit hangs exact aside the wooden wall. It has vibrant yellow and overlooking the dashing ceiling light over the kitchen island. Exquisite dining space sets behind the kitchen. All sorts of cases make it alluring. However, astonishing rainbow wallpaper really beautifies this area. Obvious, it displays a cool way toward the fascinating bedroom.

Superb bedroom furniture items puts in the middle space. Long home office décor looms behind and aside of the bed is splendid frosted sliding glass door. Of course, you can guess it for what. Remarkable bathroom adds remarkable vertical yellow wall cabinet. Then, fetching bathroom vanity uses red undermount sink. Two thumbs up and I just wanna say fantastic.

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